The Quality of Angus Livestock At Maple Leaf Farms Increases Each and Every Day

Welcome to Maple Leaf Farms

Maple Leaf Farms is located in the Great Appalachian Valley near Ringgold, GA. Maple Leaf Farms began in 1962 as a commercial cattle operation under the name of Valley View Farms. Valley View Farms was family operated. Cattle was produced on the farm through 1998 and the production of forage through 2015. Skip Rominger started Maple Leaf Farms in the spring of 2015. The goal of the farm is to develop and breed quality Angus Cattle. Select young female families of Angus cattle were purchased through Autry Farms, Friendship Farms and McKenzie Farms. Cow families include, Blackbird, Blackcap, Lemmon Pride, New Design, Polly, Retail Product, Rita, and Queen. Maple Leaf has AI’d to select bulls such as 44 Arsenal, Jindra Acclaim, Black Jet, Lemmon Satisfaction.

Skip welcomes visitors to Maple leaf Farms. Inquires will be immediately addressed.